Where do we go???

12 Jul

With the ever evolving pattern of ‘holding off’ or ‘wait and see’ with the feds on Obama Care and of course carriers getting involved one can only wonder where this ‘thing’ is going.  Democrats and Obama were pretty smug when this passed this into law but what they have started is an economic nightmare for small business and individuals as far as costs are concerned.

They say everyone has the right to coverage – well gues what – that program already existed at both state and federal levels.  It was (yes, it is a thing of the past now due to Obamacare) called HIRSP (Health Insurance Risk Sharing Program). 

It was designed for those with pre-existing conditions and was already funded by carriers. There was a federal and state level. AND, the premiums/deductibles were very competitive to insurance in the private sector.

Anyway, they had to try to reinvent the wheel. The wheel now coming off the car.


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