Not Your Parents Health Insurance Anymore

16 May

Back in the day you went to the ER and doctor for pretty much anything and everything – sniffles and aches and back around.  Now days it is a different world but one where coverage is needed more than ever.

It really is a state of mind in that major medical coverage is designed to be catastrophic coverage for major events and not the sniffles and aches.

With escalating costs in healthcare you have to be protected.  Even with a higher deductible you have to have it.  My mother passed over 5 yrs ago of a major cardiac and that days events were about $185k.  I guarantee it went up.  Would you rather be on the hook for a 10k deductible or the full boat of nearly 200k?  Pretty silly question but I see it all the time.

Major medical is really financial protection for your family and assets – and you have to protect them.  Carry a higher deductible, budget a premium, and do it.


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