Levels of Cost – Prescription Drugs

15 May

I recently went to a chain drug store for a scrip per my doctor and it was $109 (generic) out of pocket as I don’t carry any drug benefit with my own individual health plan (doesn’t make sense for me to do so now).

The tech said if I purchased into their ‘co-op’ membership I could save about $3o on the scrip but the ‘c0-op’ fee was about $30.


Oh that was for 30 day supply.

I said no thank you and preceded to go home and research my scrip online thru online market – BIDRX.  This model allows for transparency in pricing and removes the PBM (prescription benefit manager) which is your ‘chain stores’.  The cost of the SAME item was about $50 (including shipping cost).

My point is this. You have to own your healthcare and do some homework.  Don’t always accept the ‘norm’ on cost and research your scrips and use different approaches like online tools/models to make you purchases.

Take ownership in your healthcare all the way around.


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