Reselling of the Affordable Healthcare Act

10 May

I recently re-posted an article that shows Obama is out to ‘resell’  his ‘Obamacare’ to the American people.  From that article is a quote below from Senator Max Bacaus – (D – Montana) one of the architects of the bill.

He said last month that the health care law is heading for a “train wreck” because of a bumbling implementation.


The president conceded last week that there would be “glitches and bumps” as the final phases of the health care law — formally the Affordable Health Care Act — are rolled out. But he said most people will be unaffected by the changes that are still to come.

taken from the Washington Post

One of the biggest issues to me is that the cost in implementations of the health exchanges when a platform already exists for the public – brokers.

The private sector has thousands of brokers nationwide that can and will offer better assistance and expertise for people/employers for their health insurance needs.  We offer the SAME things as the exchanges will and KNOW our business.

AND, you can and will get the subsidy allocations thru the private sector too.  Period.




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