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Health Insurance Reform and Exchanges

29 Dec

What do the newly to be created exchanges mean?  It means for wasteful spending by the creation of either state or federal ‘coops’ or exchanges offering consumers choices for health coverage. The ‘average joe’ already has the options at his/her disposal.  Brokers can answer your questions and take care of your needs.

There will be subsidies available to certain people depending on income but those are NOT driven by purchasing coverage through an exchange.


Health Insurance Companies – bearing the burden and capping the rates

27 Dec

With the imminent change by 2014 as in no preexisting conditions and that all carriers have to accept everyone, carriers are trying to slow the imminent raise in rates.  Some companies are offering locked rates til the end of 2014 when it comes to individual/family health coverage (non employer sponsored).  This is really a nice perk to take advantage of now.  Lock in your rates for the next two years because just like coverage is now ‘a sure thing’ so are the rates. ‘Sure thing’ in going up.

Affordable Healthcare Act

27 Dec

It will be interesting how the Feds will address how to pay for nationalized healthcare. There are many taxes in place already that many people don’t know about.

Sales Tax on the sale of a home. Investment taxation that didn’t exist before.  These are just two examples.